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Essentials of Communication, Part 1

This article is PART 1 of a five-part series, The Essentials of Communication. Written for the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. Originally published 4 June 2022 in INSiGHT Online, available here. The Internet Age is upon us, and so too are the innumerable benefits its technology brings. Almost everything we use these days is connected to the internet in some way: from television to smart fridges, we have learned to leverage the scalability, customizability, and accessibility that comes from internet-based services. Businesses use the internet for nearly everything these days too, with websites and e-mail being the first that come to

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Non-Portability of 595 Exchange

We recently ran an advertising campaign in Milverton, Ontario using postcards delivered by Canada Post and an advertisement in the fortnightly Shopportunities newspaper. Part of these advertisements was that the customer could keep their existing phone number. Unfortunately we have now learned that the Milverton rate centre consisting of numbers 519-595-XXXX cannot be ported to our carriers, as the only local exchange carrier Mornington Communications Co-Operative Limited does not have an agreement with us. We try our best to make arrangements with local exchange carriers across Canada to guarantee our customers can keep their phone numbers, but in this case,

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Welcome to Three Layer Solutions!

We know how costly it can be to run a small business. Often, it is prohibitively expensive to hire specialists for all the jobs that keep a business running, such as bookkeepers, IT engineers, and web developers.
That’s why Three Layer Solutions does it all for you.

Businesses are complex creatures, and with increased complexity comes increased cost. Canada’s low population density and lack of industry competition means the products and services you need in order to be successful can be hard to find — and when you do find them, you rarely get what you pay for.

Fortunately, we at Three Layer Solutions are here to help.

Give us a call at (506) 406-8003 and we’d be happy to hear how we can help you save money. Or, if you’re shy, send us an e-mail at instead!

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, commercial clients can see our business services here; residential customers can find more information about our home phone service here.